Comfort Series - 400 Core

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The Foam Tip That You Can Wear All Day

If you’re tired of having sore ears at the end of the day from listening to your music and podcasts, then you’re probably ready for a better listening alternative. Well, audiophiles, music lovers, and audiobook enthusiasts can rejoice, because a better way to listen to your favorite sounds is here. Introducing the the Comfort 400 Foam Tips.

All Comply™ Foam tips have been engineered for maximum comfort, yet the Comfort 400 Foam Tips take comfort to the next level. With an all-new innovative configuration, the Comfort 400 Foam Tips put less stress on the ear canal. With a unique design and makeup, the Comfort 400 Foam Tips gently mold to your ear canal to deliver the highest level sound quality possible while filtering out background noise.

This alternative earbud allows users to enjoy their favorite music and podcasts all day without discomfort. The Comfort Series (Ts/Tsx-Series) Foam Tips have been specially designed for all day use and comfort, making them perfect for those who work long hours or travel frequently. You’ll be able to block out coworkers, traffic, or noisy neighbours with the Comfort 400 Foam Tips.


Popular earphone brands compatible with 400 series earbuds include Audio-Technica, Denon, House of Marley, JVC, LG, Philips, Skullcandy, V-Moda and more. These brands produce some of the highest-quality audio tech available—why compromise high-fidelity sound with shoddy eartips? Stop leaking sound and start locking it in. Hear the music for what it’s worth and get the most out of your finely tuned earphones.