Comply™ Tips (v2) for Apple™ AirPods™ Pro


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Premium foam earbud tips for Apple™ AirPods™ Pro offer all day comfort and reduce ear pain. You’ll get the best listening experience, whether you’re working from home, working out, on a video call or just relaxing.
These replacement memory foam earbud tips are easy to install and stay securely on; fit in charging case without interfering with charging; and offer a comfortable custom in-ear fit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joseph Stevenson
Too small, too hard, too expensive.

Too small, too hard, too expensive.

The ones you cab buy on eBay for £3 were better.

Peter Myers
Massive improvement on the Apple buds

These are much better than Apple buds. I would say that I think they would be better a little longer (hence not 5 stars), but they form a tight seal and make the sound bassier

Dara O’Connor
Fixed my issue

With the regular tips the left airpod would fit fine but the right never felt secure and would always slip loose if I moved with it in i think this is because my ears are slightly differently shaped from each other but with these the issue is almost entirely fixed, the right ear still feels a tiny bit less secure than the left but I can definitely live with that and they no longer slip out ever and I can have them in without having to readjust them 50 times every 5 seconds they sit comfortably and won’t move, quality is good, service is good, postage was good

Did not work for me in this instance

The service from Comply Foam UK was excellent so would not hesitate ordering from them again. I have used Comply tips for almost all of the wireless headphones I have owned over the years. For me these apple AirPods pro tips didn’t really work. I think unlike other headphones these tips are slightly conical which means they didn't hold any better in the ear (or provide a better seal) nor did they feel more comfortable than the apple supplied silicone tips. I did squeeze them down and then hold them in ear to allow the foam to do its thing but just didn't seem to work.

John Bennett

Make a huge difference, wouldn’t be without them! Highly recommended:
Secure fit
Better seal
Better sound