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SmartCore™ Flexible Core Series

Our SmartCore™ Series tips feature a flexible inner core designed to flex and adapt to fit the sound port on a wide range of devices. Our engineers are constantly testing devices to add into our official list of compatible devices, so we always recommend first using our Fit Finder to see if we have a specialized tip that has been tested as compatible for your specific device. In the event that we have not yet tested your device, however, we recommend our SmartCore™ series as an alternative option. 

SmartCore™ is available in styles for both True Wireless and Non True Wireless earphones:

SmartCore™ for True Wireless:

  • Truly Wireless Pro

SmartCore™ for Non True Wireless:

  • Sport Pro, Audio Pro, Aware Pro, Variety Pack Pro

SmartCore Overview

SmartCore Features Overview

SmartCore Sport Pro Overview

SmartCore Audio Pro Overview

SmartCore Aware Pro Overview

SmartCore Truly Wireless Pro

SmartCore Primary Features

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