The Science of Sound

The first time you experience a Comply™ Foam Tip, you discover there’s something amazing going on. It feels better. Fits better. Sounds better. As it expands to perfectly fit your ear, you realize one thing: There's no going back to the standard tips you used to use. You have successfully discovered The Ultimate Earphone Upgrade™ that is Comply™ Tips.

Rooted in the science of our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology, our tips expand within your inner ear canal and react with your natural body heat to provide a perfect, dynamic, custom fit.

Your ear canal shape and size change with movement and temperature, and the simple truth is that standard tips do not provide a solution to keep up with these dynamic changes of your ear. When you use Comply™, our tips move and react with your ear as it changes, ensuring your earphones remain secure and comfortable for hours of listening enjoyment.

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How fairytales begin

Our Story

Our story begins in 1990 when Robert Oliveira, Ph.D. (Dr. Bob) spun the Comply™ brand of products out of 3M.  A serial inventor and biochemist, Dr. Bob worked at 3M for 18 years developing products ranging from biochemical diagnostics to surgical instruments.  An ear canal expert, he also led a team at 3M who developed the world’s first FDA-approved cochlear implant.  Dr. Bob’s research, presented worldwide, demonstrates that the shape and opening of the ear canal changes as one’s jaw opens and closes.  Ear canal shape also changes with such attributes as an individual’s weight, age, and level of hydration.  This discovery of the ear canal’s dynamic nature led our development of numerous unique and patented memory foam solutions to protect and enhance hearing, including the world’s first memory foam earphone tip.

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