SmartCore™ Universal Core

Comply™ SmartCore™ tips utilize a flexible inner core designed for compatibility with a wide range of earphones. SmartCore™ is available in models for non true-wireless earphones (Sport Pro, Audio Pro, Aware Pro) and true-wireless earphones (Truly Wireless Pro). 

Comply™ offers a variety of tips designed for compatibility with specific earphone models. As such, we strongly urge our customers to utilize our Fit Finder feature to discover a specific tip for their unique device. In the event that a specific Comply™ tip is not available for your device, we would then recommend choosing a SmartCore™ model as an alternative option to use with your device. When choosing SmartCore™ for a device we have not tested, we cannot guarantee complete compatibility. Although SmartCore™ is designed to offer compatibility to a wide array of devices, there are some devices that will not work with the SmartCore design. If you have any questions about SmartCore™, or any of our other products, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team prior to making a purchase so we may best assist you in your decision.