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Soft memory foam replacement earbud tips make all-day listening more comfortable, stable and gloriously vibrant.


Comply tips are 30 times softer than silicone, cost-effective, and simple to install.

  • Unshakeable fit: Ear-conforming memory foam means all-day comfort – and no more chasing after an earbud that fell out.
  • Peak performance: Comply tips reduce unwanted exterior noise so you can elevate your listening at lower volumes (protect those ears!); your favorite devices will work better than ever.
  • Easy to use: Securely and easily attach to your device. No tools, no fuss.
  • Charger-friendly: Comply tips are specially designed to fit in most wireless charging cases without interfering with charging.
  • Extra Protection: Built-in TechDefender™ guard protects your earbuds' sound port from debris, wax and sweat.
  • Certified by Google: Meets Google’s compatibility standards. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with any applicable safety or other requirements. Learn more at



Compatible with Google Pixel Buds Pro.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sunil Rao
Comply Pixel buds pro tips

These are by far the best ear tips you can buy. I find all manufactured supplied tips are non compatible with my ears but Comply have been my go to.

Overpriced but they work

They cost around five times what they should but they work and keep my earphones securely in my lugs.

Andrij Slobodian
Better fit than the silicon tips

More secure than the standard tips, I've had Comply tips for other ear buds I've owned. Better noise isolation too.

J M Lumsden
Not a great product

Fell apart after a few weeks of use. Avoid.

Axle B
Secure Fit.

The regular tips that came with my Pixel Buds Pro always made them fall out of my ears and the only way to get them to remain securely was to try these "Comply foam tips" I gone for the small size as I have narrow ear canals. I must say, they fit very well and I'm fully able to utilise my Pixel buds Pro to the max. Recommended.