Comply™ Tips (v2) for Apple™ AirPods™ Pro Memory Foam Earbud Tips


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Premium foam earbud tips for Apple™ AirPods™ Pro (compatible with generation 1 & 2) offer all-day comfort and reduce ear pain. You’ll get the best listening experience, whether you’re working from home, working out, on a video call or just relaxing.
These replacement memory foam earbud tips are easy to install and stay securely on; fit in a charging case without interfering with charging, and offer a comfortable custom in-ear fit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Steve Howells
Foam tips

Not as good as was hopping, ipods still fall out

Simon Stuart
Not the revelation I was expecting (but that’s my problem, I know)

When I bought some AirPods Pro a few months ago, it felt like everyone was telling me how good Comply tips were — even the guy in the Apple Store. Having been delighted with the quality of my AirPods using the standard Apple tips for a few months, I thought I’d treat myself to a set of foam ones as well.

And … they’re just not as good. They’re beautifully comfortable, but the sound is less rich, and I think that’s entirely down to fit. Following the instructions on the Comply site, I bought Medium ones because the Medium Apple ones are such a perfect fit for me — I feel the Comply tips are slightly smaller, however, and it’s notable that my devices said the seal in the left ear was no longer as good when I fitted them. Certainly, noise cancellation was nowhere near as good.

After a week or so of seeing if I’d get used to the foam tips, I’ve gone back to the Apple Originals and am much happier. I suspect I simply over-stated my own expectations, but my advice would be that if you’re happy with your Apple tips then stick with them!

Nicholas Burnet
Subtle effective memory foam tips for Air Pods

The Comply Tips v2 are an excellent fit, comfortable, they seal in the ear well but do not over expand either. Not dropped out yet and I've been using them daily. Not used for sport or running yet though but highly recommend compared with other variants.

Rafal Razmus
First impression is very good. They fit my ears much better than the official tips.

I only installed them right now so cannot say much about the durability. Hopefully they will last long. I am glad I ordered assorted pack because the large size is way bigger than large from Apple. Medium fits perfectly, even though I had been using the original tips in large size.

Solves the fitting issue with the OEM ear tips

These fixed the issue I was having regarding the fit of the OEM tips, and I was very pleased that I could finally wear my AirPods Pro 2 without worrying about them falling out.

I did have some durability issues, although I was aware that these wouldn’t last as long as the silicone alternatives.

After just one week, the left ear tip starting showing wear, but I was pleasantly met with a replacement set after contacting Comply, who were incredibly friendly!

I hope I just got unlucky, and these continue to last me for the approximate 3 month life span, or potentially even longer!