Comply™ Tips for Bang & Olufsen


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For comfort, isolation and fit

Body-heat activated memory foam creates an ultra-soft and comfortable listening experience. Comply™ Foam is 30x softer than silicone, reducing earphone irritation and fatigue. Designed with isolating memory foam, Sport Pro Tips grip better for a secure fit to keep earbuds in place. Say goodbye to earphones falling out of your ears. Sport Tips mean you can move freely.

FOR BEOPLAY E4, E6, E8, E8 2.0, E8 3.0, H3 & H5

Superior audio experience

With a perfect ear canal seal, Comply™ tips funnel pure sound directly into the ear. Maximize your listening experience with enhanced bass. Hear music how it is supposed to be heard with all its highs and lows.

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For a secure in-ear fit

Memory foam expands to fill the unique shape of your ear canal, creating a custom, snug fit to dramatically increase in-ear retention. The custom fitting foam keeps earphones in place even in the presence of moisture or sweat.


TechDefender™ prevents damage

The acoustically-transparent filter inside the tip keeps moisture, sweat, and earwax out of the earphone's soundport.


Stay in the zone

Engineered to create a custom ear canal seal to block out external noise and environmental distractions. Sport tips allow some external noise to pass through so you hear your surroundings.